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Middle Learning Team

Robyn Wood  St Clair SchoolTeam Leader - Robyn Wood - Deputy Principal

Robyn is our deputy principal and also leads our middle learning team. Robyn has recognised strengths in numeracy and literacy and takes a leading role in these areas of the curriculum.

In addition, Robyn also leads our school self review and is a key part of our student well-being team. She is also co-LENCO and co-leads learning support in our school.


Rachel French  St Clair SchoolRoom 11 - Rachel French

Rachel joined our teaching team in 2007. She teaches a Year 3/4 group and has a particular interest and strength in teaching mathematics. Rachel has taught in several schools and has also worked as a numeracy facilitator for the Dunedin College of Education.


Elizabeth Faithful  St Clair SchoolRoom 12 - Elizabeth Faithful

Elizabeth is an important part of our teaching team. Every day, she brings energy and a deep understanding of children's needs to her work. Elizabeth has particular strengths in literacy and inquiry-based learning.


Carmel MarshallRoom 13 - Shannon Buchanan

Shannon teaches in Room 13,  providing high quality literacy and numeracy programmes. She is a highly reflective and effective young teacher with a warm and caring approach to her work.  In addition, Shannon has a very strong interest in Te Reo Maori and enjoys sharing her expertise with students and staff.


Kayla Mitchell St Clair SchoolRoom 14 - Kayla Mitchell

Kayla joined our team at the start of 2014. She has strengths in literacy and numeracy and utilises etools effectively in her programmes. Kayla has a keen interest in integrated learning and uses this to link student skills and understandings.

Room 14 Class Site


Sarah Rietveld St ClairRoom 18 - Sarah Rietveld

Sarah teaches in Room 18, providing high quality learning experiences for her children. Sarah is an experienced and skilled teacher, bringing a strong teaching history to our team.


Trish Ashton  St Clair SchoolLearning Support - Trish Ashton

Trish provides comprehensive learning support to children in our Middle Learning Team. Her caring manner, effective support techniques and great sense of humour make her popular with children and staff alike.

Sue Chilton  St Clair SchoolLearning Support - Sue Chilton

Sue is a valued member of our support team. Her work is focused on learning support and social skill development for individual children.