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Fulfilling Our School's Vision For Learning and Living

~ Capable, caring, confident children contributing to our community ~

St Clair School recognises the following strategies, opportunities and understandings contribute to the fulfillment of our school’s vision for the children in its care:

Capable: Personal capability is centred on the ability to ‘do things’ competently. In promoting student capability, the school:
- provides quality, differentiated learning opportunities across the curriculum which emphasis the acquisition of key literacy and numeracy skills, and the use of these same skills in broader learning experiences
- provides a rich and varied leaning context which values academic, cultural, social and physical learning where both intellectual and emotional development is valued.

Caring: Caring involves the display of kindness and concern for the needs of others. In promoting a culture of care, the school:
- actively promotes a clear set of school values: Kindness, Caring and Manners (KCM)
- models, through staff interactions, a positive model of interaction with students and parents
- utilises positive approaches to student discipline that avoids the use of ‘power’, in favour of relationship and accountability
- encourages and facilitate active caring for the school and wider environs.

Confidence: Confidence grows out of competence in one or more areas of life. In promoting student confidence, the school:
- provides a rich set of opportunities (academic, physical, cultural, social) for children to develop personal competence and capability
- supports all students as they speak and perform in public settings
- supports social development through a classroom culture of care and inclusion, as well as explicit social skill development programmes and counseling options
- affirms personal identity through educational success (including success for Maori students through affirmation of identity, language and culture).

Contributing: Giving of ourselves to others affirms the giver and benefits the recipient. In encouraging students to contribute to those around them, the school:
- actively promotes the positive values associated with KCM
- utilises cross-level buddy groupings and class-based buddy programmes
- makes extensive use of student ‘monitor’ roles to meet class and school-wide needs
- looks for opportunities to extend student inquiry (IBL) into community-related problems or issues (environment issues etc.)
- encourages student-body involvement in wider social and environmental issues though Student Council initiated projects.