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About St Clair School

St Clair School is a decile 8, state funded coeducational primary school, with approximately 450 pupils. The school was first established in 1896 and is located in the seaside suburb of St Clair, in Dunedin, New Zealand.

St Clair School is proud of its reputation and achievements. Staff are highly skilled and receive comprehensive, ongoing opportunities for professional learning. The teaching team work collaboratively when planning and delivering integrated programmes, and are dedicated to achieving the highest professional standards. The school promotes a culture of wellbeing and works hard to maintain a positive, respectful and affirming environment. The school is widely recognised for its innovative use of etools within agency-centred programmes.

The school has a highly developed arts programme which provides opportunities for involvement in music, ensemble, choir, Kapa Haka and dance. A PDF overview of our extra curricular arts and culture programme is available as a download.

The school is located approximately five minutes drive from the city centre and is only a few minutes walk from St Clair beach. High quality, before & after school care is available on site. Buildings are well appointed (site layout diagram) and sited in landscaped grounds.

St Clair School has an enrolment scheme. Further information is available from the office.

SCHOOL POLICY (incl Emergency Planning, Bullying & Attendance): St Clair School has clear governance policy that guides the Board. These policies are designed to ensure children are learning in a safe and productive environment.


STAFF VACANCIES: From time to time, St Clair School recruits skilled staff to replace staff members who have been promoted or are transferring to another school.