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Enrolment of Students

The Board of Trustees thanks you for your interest in having your child join us at St Clair School.

Our enrolment scheme provides automatic right of entry for children living within our enrolment zone. Children outside of our zone are admitted in priority order (as space allows), based on the following criteria;

  • Sibling of a current pupil
  • Child of a staff member or Board member
  • Sibling of a former pupil or a former pupil returning
  • All other applicants.

If the number of out-of-zone children seeking admission exceeds the number of spaces available, a ballot is held.

For information on space availability please contact our office - ph (03) 455 8199).

Due to the nature of the regulations relating to enrolment schemes , final confirmation of enrolment eligibility can only be made by direct contact with the school office.

This map outlines the general boundaries of our zone.

For further information in regard to enrolment and the operation of the enrolment scheme, please contact the school directly at:

St Clair School
135 Richardson St
New Zealand

Tel 64 3 455 8199
Fax 64 3 455 4199